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HELPS you connect

We believe in the power of buyers when it comes to fashion success. And we make it easier for you to connect with them – starting January 2015 we are being a part of the most notorious European Fashion Trade Show, Who’s Next Paris. Showcasing ready-to-wear collections from international designers by season, with an average of 50.000 visitors per edition, the show is reserved for professionals only – it brings together the next and rising talents with the most important buyers from worldwide fashion retailers.


HELPS you succeed

We do not focus our selection on style – we focus our selection on potential. And we take pride in the brands we represent and help achieve their goals. They are the best proof that we can help you succeed in this industry. Our family of designers addresses both women and men’s wear segments and it includes local and international labels. To name a few brands from our portfolio: Shakara, I.P by Paris, A.S by Schmutzer, Crepe and Frack Chic NY.


HELPS you build

We believe the most important step in a designer’s career – and the most difficult – is the first one: the start. But we can make it easier for you. We can help you put together your fashion collection and we can help your brand communicate and engage. Because we have the knowledge, the experience and the partnerships to help you build your brand: from strategy to structure, from suppliers to consumers, we can help your brand reach its full potential.